July updated 7/6

August Calendar - updated 7/20

Injection Schedule Changes

WESTFIELD – Beginning Thursday, 5/18 – Thursday Afternoon injections will end at 4:15pm.  We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.

 PLEASE CHECK THE SCHEDULE CAREFULLY AS THERE HAVE BEEN MANY CHANGES.  Due to vacations, some offices have limited hours, so you may possibly go to another location for injections. THE AUGUST CALENDAR HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH ADDITIONAL INJECTION HOURS.

WILBRAHAM – No injections on Tuesdays all day, and Wednesday afternoons until further notice.  We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, 7/20 – WESTFIELD – Afternoon injections will be 1:45-3:15pm.

Friday, 7/21 – NORTHAMPTON – No injections.

Monday, 7/24 – WESTFIELD – No injections.

Tuesday, 7/25 – GREENFIELD, NORTHAMPTON, WILBRAHAM – No injections.

Wednesday, 7/26 – GREENFIELD – Injections will be 1:30-4pm.  WESTFIELD and NORTHAMPTON – No injections.  WILBRAHAM – No Afternoon injections.

Thursday, 7/27 – WESTFIELD – No Morning injections.  NORTHAMPTON – No Afternoon injections.

Friday, 7/28 – WESTFIELD and NORTHAMPTON – No injections.