Cell Mediated Immunity to the Influenza Virus

In patients with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID),  it is generally not recommended to give the Influenza vaccine. This recommendation is due, in part, to the inability of patients with CVID to generate protective antibody responses. However, it is not known if these patients are capable of generating a cell mediated response to the vaccine. To measure lymphocyte antigen stimulation, pre and post Influenza vaccine, in patients with CVID compared with normal patients, blood was drawn from 4 patients with CVID and 5 normal patients pre and post vaccination with Fluzone (the 2004-2005 Influenza vaccine). Lymphocyte antigen stimulation was then measured immediately prior to and 4 weeks after vaccination. A significant difference was observed in the lymphocyte response to undiluted Influenza vaccine in the normal group. No significant response was seen in the CVID group to Influenza vaccine or to positive control. However, lymphocytes from 2 patients with CVID did have a robust response to the vaccine. Although the number of patients in our study is small, this data supports the variable nature of lymphocyte function in patients with CVID.

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